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This support section is for the Developer Version (Downloadable PHP Script) of FormToEmail. For Cloud Based (Remote) support please visit the Cloud Support Section.

Support articles

Form-to-email primer
Free version versus Pro version
Downloading the script
Installing the script
Editing PHP code
Parse errors
Not receiving email
No From: address or name in email header
Autoresponder not working
Not receiving attachments
Referrer-logging error
Blank form error
Adding extra fields
Processing your own forms
Customizing error messages
Email templates
Pre-populate the form
Show errors on the form page
Showing submitted data on the "thank you" page
Handling multi-page forms
Email subject
Select form recipient
X and Y values submitted from form
Securimage CAPTCHA
Prevent form submitting when hitting enter
Back button for errors
License rights
Upgrading license
Changelog - Latest versions

User Questions

Browse questions from users/customers. These are questions and answers taken from actual support emails (user's identity removed). In some of the older ones the information might be out of date, they are provided "as is". There's a lot of useful information in them. They are sorted by the tags below.

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