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Parse errors

Parse errors are caused by not using the correct syntax in the PHP code. This usually happens as a result of editing the script and making a mistake, like missing out a quote mark, a comma or a closing bracket. Check that you have edited the script correctly. The instructions in the script, tell you what to do.

Here's an example of a line of code that will give you a parse error:

$my_email = ";

It should be:

$my_email = "";

Note the missing quote mark in the bad line.

You will also get a parse error if the PHP code has become corrupted. This can occur when opening and editing the script in a text editor that adds formatting or uses the wrong encoding. In particular, this will corrupt the $gobbledegook_alphabet array in the script, which uses exotic characters. Always edit the script in a plain text editor, Notepad for example. If you think your file is corrupt, you can download a fresh one, see the "Downloading the script" page in the support section for more information.