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Autoresponder not working

Applies to the Pro version only

The autoresponse email from the script is sent in the same way that the standard email is sent. If the standard email is working, the autoresponse should work too, but consider the points below.

Make sure you have enabled it in the script (formtoemailpro.php). To enable the autoresponse, you must change the $autoresponder variable value to "1", like so:

$autoresponder = 1;

The autoresponder sends an email to the person filling out your form. It gets the person's email address from the email input on your form. For the autoresponder to work (and other parts of the script) you should name your email input "email", lower case, like so:

<input type="text" name="email">

Make sure that the email address you are using for testing, is good. Check that the email is not getting blocked by a junk filter. Remember this has nothing to do with the email address you hard-code into the script for sending the standard email to.

Try changing the mail() function code in the script, if appropriate. If you have this code:


...change it to this:


Some setups don't like the -f fifth parameter if it is not required, it would seem.

Note that there are two instances of the mail() function in the script. One is for the standard email, the other is for the autoresponse. The code is different for the two.