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No From: address or name in email header

The problem here is that you do not see the visitor's email address in the From: header of the email that the script sends you. You can still see it in the body of the email but when you hit "Reply" to the email, the visitor's address is not shown in the To: field as you would expect. You would most likely see the domain of your own server showing instead.

The most likely cause of this problem is the naming of the email field on your form. It must be named "email" in lower case in the HTML code, like so:

<input type="text" name="email">

This is the input box on the form where the visitor types in their email address. This is the only way the script has of knowing their email address, and it uses this value to make the From: header for the email sent to you. The script expects this variable to be named as above. If it has any other name, the script will not show it as the From: address.

Older versions of FormToEmail used a different name for this field ("Email") so you should change this to lower case (on the form) if using a newer version of the script with an old form. FormToEmail-Pro has always used the lower case name.

Equally, to see the visitor's name in the From: header of the email, you must use an input on your form with the name "name" (lower case), like this:

<input type="text" name="name">

Older versions of the script (FormToEmail 2.3 or older. FormToEmail-Pro 2.4 or older.) will not show the vistor's name in the From: header. To download the latest version, see the "Downloading the script" page in the support section for more information.

You will also get this problem if the visitor does not enter an email address or name on the form (the pro version of the script can make these required fields).

See also the "Not receiving email" page in the support section.