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Encoding Greek characters  (See more user questions)


Thank you for your question.

The Pro version allows you to set the encoding to be used, which means Greek
characters will be displayed correctly. This is from the instructions in
the Pro script:

Character set. Specify a character set (encoding) to be used in the output
email and the built-in "thank you" message. Only change this if you need to
and you know the correct one to use. Enter the desired value between the
quotes. Default: $character_set = "iso-8859-1"; Please also state the
character set in the <head> of your form page. So for example if you are
using utf-8, the line in your form page would be: <meta
http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> and the
variable below would be: $character_set = "utf-8";


$character_set = "iso-8859-1";

You will need to know the correct character set to use. According to this
page: is:

ISO-8859-7 you would change the line in the script to:

$character_set = "ISO-8859-7";

Do the same for your form page, as mentioned above (might even be worth
trying that with the free script).

Any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes.

Charles Sweeney
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Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 7:55 PM
Subject: FormToEmail script

> Comments: hallo there, i have downloades your form and used in one of my
> websites. its very easy and serves its purpose very well. because i am
> from greece, i want my clients to type in greek characters in the fields.
> i tried that, but in the incoming e-mail i got "chinese letters". nothing
> readable. i use outlook explorer. do you think that it is outlook's fault,
> or php doesn't understand greek letters? please answer me as soon as you
> can, because i want to buy the pro version for all my websites, but i need
> to solve this problem.
> thanks a lot for your time,