Testimonials From Our Loving Customers

“Some of the other forms out there claim to be easy to use. Well, even being an experienced web designer, I've found some of them tricky to set up and even worse to maintain. Couldn't be easier with FormToEmail. Highly recommended.”

Mark Mitchell OWNER/DESIGNER AT Revenant Design

“I have used FormToEmail on many clients' sites over the last few years. It is stunningly simple to use. Configuration and integration are so much easier than other solutions that I have previously used. Very happy with FormToEmail and will continue to use their service forever.”

Clare Richardson FOUNDER AT Clare Richardson Design

“I love FormToEmail, it's by far the easiest way to create an online input form which enables me to create the best enquiry/response forms that I have found. I now use it or recommend it for all my clients.”

Simon Jarvis DIRECTOR AT Jarvis Marketing Ltd

“I have been using FormToEmail for over 3 years now, it does what it says. So easy to set up and works like a dream. This is an important part of my web site as I use it for my online orders page. I would highly recommend FormToEmail.”

David Brett OWNER AT Willetts Butchers

“FormToEmail is a solid service with a lot of customization options available. Once configured, the service has worked flawlessly for us ever since. Plus, it's great to be able to reference past submissions.”

Kevin Wojdak WEB DEVELOPER AT Würth Baer Supply Company

“FormToEmail has saved me hundred of hours for sites and clients when I could not get other forms to work. It's simple and easy to setup and embed. FormToEmail makes it so easy to use time and time again!”

Moshe Cohen CEO AT Braintoaster Interactive

“I have never seen a product as complete, detailed, trouble free, and easy to implement as FormToEmail. I'm really amazed.”

Bill H.

“I had a friend recommend FormToEmail. I am not a programmer, so I was hand typing and customizing the PHP for every form I did. FormToEmail is great and a huge time saver!! Thank you so much for making this available.”

Stephanie Butler

“No matter how much I try to explain how valuable FormToEmail is, I won't do it justice. Top notch, high quality, easy to use, effective. Service is top of the line. Thank you for a great product. I wish you nothing but success.”

Rafael Santoni

“This chunk of software is stunning. Everything you need for submitting forms to an email is in there.. Clear and understandable instructions. and it is soooo easy to implement. Thanks folks!”

Ron Hinds

“I have over the years purchased many processors but yours is by far the best. Does everything you say it can do. Thanks!”


“Great product and easy to use for the novices!”


“Just a note to state how much I love FormToEmail! I use it on some client's websites and when I run into any issues (human error on my part) support is right there walking me through my errors. For the cost...it has saved me tons of time and money!”


“I use FormToEmail for contact forms, order forms, registrations - everything! It has great documentation and is very easy to use.”

Nancy Johnson

“Not only is FormToEmail superb, but the accompanying instructions are written by someone who actually understands that not everyone is a geek! Everything can be up and running (and look just as you wish it to) in minutes. Thank you, thank you and Thank You!”

Jenna Cox

“We had a unique requirement, I looked at many form mail software products that did not have a readily available solution. We were considering having a custom form developed. We then came across FormToEmail - what a fantastic product this turned out to be. We had some complicated requirements for the form to process but we followed the configuration instructions that provided a whole host of options and we were up and running the next day! I would thoroughly recommend FormToEmail without hesitation.”

Brian Jones

“I have used FormToEmail for pretty much all my customers so far. I love the fact that you can designate a cc address and you don't have to have access to the hosting control panel to install it. The options for required fields, captcha, spam check, and autoresponder forms are outstanding. It is very well documented but the one time I had a question, support was available to help online in a timely matter. I'm not a programmer, so I appreciated the ease of use for this form mailer product. Thank you very much!!!”


“I'm not very good at programing so I look for web scripts that are easy to configure. FormToEmail did what it said it would.”

Antonio Pou

“What can I say? If ever there was a 'perfect' solution to creating online forms with email capabilities this must be it. So easy to set up and the options are superb. 5 stars. Worth every penny.”

Alan Farrell

“I'd just like to congratulate you on an exceptionally well made product. I'm no php expert (I can do 'includes' and that's about it) but I managed to get my form working in about 5 minutes. First Try! I've tried a few other form to email scripts, and this is by far the easiest.”