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Suddenly not getting email from the script  (See more user questions)

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It basically comes down to two things:

1. Is the script sending the email.
2. Is the receiving email server blocking the email.

For the script to send the email, the PHP mail() function must be working on the server the script is on. One way to test that is to send the email to various addresses. If you get it on at least one of them, you can be fairly certain the mail() function is working. Worth also asking the host if the PHP mail() function is working.

Quite commonly these days, apparantley to block spam, receving email servers might block the email. You would need to look at the settings on the server and any checks it does for spam, filters, block lists etc. One thing you can do with the script is hard-code a From: email address into it and put that address in a "Friends" list on the email server. There's instructions in the script for that.

If you need the latest version of the script (yours might not have the facility to hard-code a From: address into it), you can get it here:

Have a look also at this page on my support section:

...and these previously asked questions:

Any questions, just let me know.

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