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Sending the email to a submitted email address  (See more user questions)

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Don't get a great demand for such a thing. Just off the top of my head...this is the variable in the script that sets the email address:

$my_email = "the email address";

Try changing it to:

$my_email = $_POST['recipient_email'];

...where 'recipient_email' is the name of the field you are using to send the email address to the script.

One reason I don't do this is because it would be a dream for spammers if they knew they could simply post email addresses to your script for onward delivery. Largely the point of coding the recipient email address into the script is so such a thing cannot happen.

Any questions, just let me know.

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> Comments: Can I send the recipient email address via the form POST to your pro script?
> (Your support FAQ seemed to indicate I need to populate an array first. Our application will be generating the recipient email address based on search criteria in a previous page.)
> Thanks