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Receiving email to one address but not another  (See more user questions)

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Thank you for your question.

Presuming you have set up the other script correctly and changed the form action of the other form to point to the new script, then I would guess the email is getting blocked at the receiving end.

In which case it would be better to ask the people responsible for the receiving email server why they are blocking it.

There are some things you can try. Try hard-coding a From: address into the script and putting that address in a "friends" list on the receiving email server. There's instructions in the script for that. If you need the latest version of the script, you can get it here:

Have a look also at this page on my supoprt section:

Also have a look at these previously asked questions on my support section:

If it is the case that the receving server is blocking the email (which is almost certain if your other script works) you should really consider using an email address you have some control over.

Any questions, just let me know.

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> Comments: Current form works. I want to add another form to website that uses formtoemailpro.php. But it needs to distribute to other people at office and not the person on the main contact form. When I create a new formtoemailpro1.php file, the form works online but the email never comes through. Any suggestions?