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Not receiving email but customer receives autoresponse  (See more user questions)

> Thank you Charles,
> I knew I could count on you for a thorough explanation and a solution.
> Regards,

Hi .

Good to hear from you. Thank you for explaining the problem clearly!

You pretty-much answered it. Yes, you can code multiple email addresses
into the $my_email variable, and you can hard-code a From: email address
into the script (your own email address for example) and put that address in
a "friends" list on your email server so they never go in the junk. See the
script instructions for more info on both.

If you have an old copy of the script you won't be able to hard-code a From:
email address into it. You can get the latest version here:

Why is this happening? Good question. The problem undoubtedly lies with
your receiving email server (as is very commonly the case these days with
over-zealous spam filters). The script sends the email every time
(presuming there's no errors - empty required fields etc). It doesn't send
the email conditionally. I would never write it like that and I can't
imagine why anyone it sends the email every time.

It's what happens after that that usually causes problems. The fact your
customers get autoresponses when you don't get the emails confirms that the
script is sending the email. It uses the exact same function at the same
time to send the autoresponse as it does to send the stock email. This
confirms that the problem is on your receiving server. The best people to
ask about it are the people responsible for the server but if I was to guess
at what was causing it, I would say they don't like some of the IP addresses
that your customers are sending the form from (had a case almost identical
to this recently where the customer tested the script with his friends but
didn't receive all the emails, only difference was the ISP used).

I think the best way to fix it would be to hard-code a From: address into
the script but you should also consider using the CSV file option in the
script, to write the submitted form data to a CSV file on your server. That
way it doesn't matter what happens with the emails, you will have the
information in the CSV file on your server. See the script instructions for
more information.

Otherwise, get yourself an email server that you have some control over and
you know EXACTLY what it blocks and WHY it blocks it. Personally I don't
block any emails, for the reasons you have demonstrated here (I have a
dedicated server with the emaill server on it).

Any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes.

Charles Sweeney
The world's easiest feedback script!

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Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 2:47 PM
Subject: Re: FormToEmail-Pro script

> Charles,
> After a few months of success with your code I am noticing a little issue.
> I am not receiving some of the emails from my customer's orders. In most
> cases they appear to be receiving their confirmation email (as most of
> them have forwarded it to me when I told them I had not received their
> info).
> In most cases the emails come to my junk mail folder, which is not a
> problem, but these missing emails are a bit of a problem. Do you have any
> suggestions as to why this may be happening? Can I put multiple email
> address in to receive the emails, so I will have duplicates? Can I change
> the "from" to my own email address so it will not be rejected by the
> server?
> Thank you for your help,