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Installation problem for a new user  (See more user questions)


Believe me, it doesn't get any easier.

I'm a bit confused. You couldn't download the file but you have the code
for it?

Take my word for it, Peggy, read the instructions and you will master it.
Everything you need to know is there. Did you read those links I gave you

I can't add to anything I have written there.

Interested about your successful site. What is it?

Charles Sweeney
The world's easiest feedback script!

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Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 5:36 PM
Subject: Re: FormToEmail script

> Hi Charles,
> Thanks for your reply. I'm sure you script is very easy to install but
> not apparently on my computer. I have copied and pasted the script
> numerous times. I have tried to download it but Windows cannot open the
> file on my computer. When I install the entire script I get the form,
> lovely, PLUS the second half of the page is taken up with HTML script -
> even after the script has been entered as HTML.
> Then when I try out the form I get a message saying the page cannot be
> found. This is before I've uploaded the page.
> I'm not tech savvy but I do know enough to create, manage and run a
> successful web site. But I am lost with this script - surely it should be
> easier than this?
> At 05:08 PM 9/18/2008, you wrote:
>>Good to hear from you.
>>You are more than welcome to some help, paying customer or not!
>>I should say, normally setting up my script is as easy as falling off a
>>log. They don't come any easier. When problems occur it is usually down
>>to the setup of the server, not something I can do anything about.
>>That said, I ploughed through some of the emails you quoted. I'm guessing
>>that you are new to this? I would suggest that you start from scratch.
>>Start off by reading my form-to-email primer, here:
>>Then have a look at the instructions, here:
>>You will also see instructions in the script itself. I have attached a
>>fresh copy of my free script for you.
>>When you have read through everything, you will know what to do and will
>>be able to get it working. Have a look at the other items on my support
>>page if you need to. You probably won't have any questions after that,
>>but if you do, just let me know.
>>Best wishes.
>>Charles Sweeney
>>The world's easiest feedback script!