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Configuring a form

You can process any number of different forms. You might want them all to be handled the same way, or you might want them to be handled differently, perhaps a different form configuration for each form. You can set up form configurations that can be applied to any form. You can have any number of different configurations.

When you first register for our service, there will be ONE form configuration set up. Any form that you process through our service will use the settings in that default configuration. It doesn't matter if you have one form or one hundred forms, they will all be handled the same way if using the same form configuration.

You can edit, add or delete form configurations. This only has an effect on the form configuration, not the form itself. In other words, this doesn't change the form on your website, but it changes the way it gets processed.

Editing a form configuration

Log in to the User Panel. Click on the "Edit Configuration" link for the form which you want to edit (if you are a new user, there will only be one form there). This will take you to a screen where you can edit the settings for that form configuration. Each setting has a "show help" link to display instructions for that setting. Save any changes by clicking the "Save All Changes" button. Thereafter, any forms using that configuration will be processed with the new settings.

Adding a form configuration

You might want to process a form in a different way to other forms. To add a new form configuration, log in to the User Panel from the User Login link above, then click on the "Add New Form" link. This will create a new form configuration with default settings. Each form configuration has a Form #.

Deleting a form configuration

To delete a form configuration, log in as described above and click on the "Delete" link for the form configuration you want to delete. This will NOT delete the HTML portion of the form from your website. This only deletes the form configuration, which is simply a group of settings used to process the form.

Using a form configuration

Each form configuration has associated code that you can use in your website. You can get sample form code for ready-made forms for using with the configuration, or you can get code snippets for using the configuration with an existing form. See the Putting a form on your website and Processing an existing form pages on the support section for more information.

You might find it easier to get a grasp of this by simply registering (it's free, quick and easy!) and having a look around the User Panel and experimenting with it.