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X and Y values submitted from form

You might notice X and Y values being submitted from your form, and you might be wondering where they came from! You will see them in the email you receive, something like this:

x: 5
y: 18

These are submitted from your form if you are using an image as a submit button as opposed to a conventional submit button. They are the x and y mouse coordinates of where the user clicked on the submit image and are sent by the browser.

If you do not wish to receive these values you can choose to ignore them if using the Pro service. If using the free service you will have to put up with them or change the image submit button on your form to a conventional submit button like this:

<input type="submit" value="Send">

If using the Pro service you can ignore the values by entering them in the Fields to Ignore list (or by using an email template). Enter the fields like this example:

ImageField2_x: 118
ImageField2_y: 35

The example above shows different ways that the x and y values might get submitted. You don't need to put all these values in the list, you only need to enter the field names you are getting returned in the email. You will find instructions in the form configuration edit page (which you get in the User Panel) about how to enable this and list the fields to ignore.