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Using FormToEmail, remotely hosted form service

Anyone can use the FormToEmail service. There's a free trial, you just need to signup (only takes a moment!) by providing your name, email address, a username and a password. You will get an automated email containing a link that you need to click on to complete your registration. Thereafter, you can log in to the User Login section and get code for a form to place on your website. You simply copy the code and paste it into your webpage. That's all. Your form will then work and send emails to you when a visitor submits it.

The service is paid by subscription, monthly or annually.

As a user you can login at any time to the User Panel to perform account functions. In the User Panel you can change your default email address and password. The default email address is used as a contact email for you and is also used as the default address to send form submissions to (you can configure a different address to send the form data to, in the form configuration options).

You can use the service to process an existing form, or you can get sample form code in the User Panel for a ready-made form. The best way to learn about the service, is to sign up for it!