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Description of FormToEmail, remotely hosted form service

FormToEmail processes web forms. A web form is a form on a website such as a contact form or an order form. When a website visitor completes a form and hits the send button, the contents of the form are sent to FormToEmail, who then process the submitted data and sends it by email to a pre-configured email address. Generally the email will be sent to the website owner, but it can be sent to anyone.

Typically, form submissions are handled in one of two ways, on the website's own server, or on a remote server. FormToEmail is a remotely hosted service. This means the webmaster does not host the form-processing software on their own server, they simply send the form contents to FormToEmail to process it. This has a number of advantages. It means the webmaster does not have to configure the form processing software, which often means editing programming code, such as PHP. It also means that they do not need to have PHP on their own server. Essentially, it is easier to set up. The set up is the same for any website, and thus can be used for many different forms on different servers.

The form on the webmaster's website contains code that sends the contents of the form to FormToEmail. The processing of the data and the sending of the email, are done instantly. The webmaster uses their own form, or can get a ready-made form from FormToEmail.

There are two services, a free service and a Pro service. The free service will process forms and send out an email. The Pro service does the same thing but offers many additional configurable options.

Although the service is aimed equally at complete beginners and web professionals, it is made in such a way to be as easy as possible to use. At all times, ease of use is the priority. This is appreciated by both groups of users!