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Not receiving all data from a multi-page form  (See more user questions)


In response to both emails.

Good, you are getting somewhere! Did you try the script with just a simple
one-page form, just to see that it works ok?

That session error is due to where you put the session start code in the
script (or the form as the case may be). Have a look on this page on my
support section where mention is made of this:

Make sure also that you carefully follow the instructions on the multi-page
form article in my support section.

This is quite a tricky thing to do if you are new to this, and you are doing
pretty well so far.

I suspect you are only getting part information in the email due to the
session error.

Any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes.

Charles Sweeney
The world's easiest feedback script!

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> the data that I have entered. Just this.....
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