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Downloading CSV file  (See more user questions)

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There isn't a way for the script to start a new file at regular intervals and name it with the date.

What you could do is rename the CSV file before downloading it. Then if a user sent a form (or the next time a user sent a form, to put it in other words), the script would write a new file with the name stated in the script configuration, so you would then have the renamed original file and the new file. You could then download the old file at any time without risk of losing any information.

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On 07/06/2011 11:38, wrote:

> Comments: Dear Support. I bought FormToEmail-Pro some time ago and I am very satisfied with it. Now, I have given the many features a closer look and want to start using the csv-file facility. I would like to download the csv-file for processing once a day or once a week, and I would prefer the csv-file to be emptied after download, but what happens if some user clicks the Send-button when I am downloading the file? I may lose this user�s data. Would it be possible for the script to start a new csv-file every day or every week and have the date being part of the file name? Any suggestions?