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Not receiving autoresponse  (See more user questions)

I don't think it's odd at all, . The mail server and PHP on the
current server could be set up differently to other sites on other servers,
or are you saying the other sites where it worked are on the same machine in
question here?

What about the standard output email, are you getting that from the script?
First thing I would do is test the the PHP mail() function is working by
using the sample basic form code in the script, without the autoresponder.
If that works, I would then try the autoresponder.

If it doesn't work, have a look at this page on my support section:

Quite commonly these days, the email gets sent but gets blocked at the
receving end. Try sending it to different email addresses or to an address
that you know is good for getting emails from the script, even that said, if
it's coming from a different server with a different IP address, that could
have a bearing at the receiving end.

See if the mail() function is working first, get it to send to ANY email
address! Then you are half way there. In fact if you get the standard
email you will get the autoresponse as it uses the same mail() function but
be mindful that the receving address isn't marking it as junk.

Any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes.

Charles Sweeney
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> Have the auto respond working fine on other sites, thats what is so odd.
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