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'Could not open socket' error when using reCAPTCHA captcha  (See more user questions)

Thanks for getting back with me...I actually found out that it was due to my
host (GoDaddy) the PHP.ini & PHP5.ini files need to have "allow_url_fopen"
set to on it was set to off.

Thanks again,

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 2:39 PM, wrote:

> Hi .
> Good to hear from you.
> I tried your form but got a "not found" error. Sure you have uploaded the
> script to the same directory as the form? I see also that the form is going
> to FormToEmail.php, which is my free script, and will not process the
> reCAPTCHA. Have you simply renamed the Pro script? In any event, it isn't
> there.
> The reCAPTCHA is remotely hosted on reCAPTCHA servers. I can't give any
> support for it, as it is not my system. I do know that it does go down
> briefly from time to time, so might be better to wait and see what happens,
> or use one of the other captcha options in the script.
> Any questions, just let me know.
> Best wishes.
> Charles Sweeney
> The world's easiest feedback script!
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> Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 6:28 PM
> Subject: FormToEmail script
>> Comments: Wanted to inform you that there is something wrong with the
>> reCAPTCHA...getting an error Could not open socket. It's all across the
>> reCAPTCHA forms, I've done several free ones and then I've also done several
>> with your Pro version and they all show this error when trying to submit.
>> Could you look into why the Pro is having this issue?
>> Here is a site that uses the Pro:

>> Thanks,