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Only one value returned from a multiple select  (See more user questions)

Hi .

Good to hear from you.

You need to name the field as an array, using square brackets.

Change this:

<select name="selectClasses" size="11" multiple> this:

<select name="selectClasses[]" size="11" multiple>

There's mention in the script instructions about this. It's the way PHP
works and is not specific to my script.

Any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes.

Charles Sweeney
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Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:05 AM
Subject: FormToEmail script

> Comments: I have a form on a client's website that, up until this point I
> guess, worked fine but now when a person selects more than one class in
> the classes section, only one is returned. Any advice would be very
> helpful. Here is where the form is.
> Thanks