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I'm not sure what you mean.

With the word block, you can block any word you like. With an email
template, you can have the email from the script only show the fields you
want to be shown. Also there is an option in the script to ignore fields,
they won't show in the email at all.

I don't know what this means:

"Only allow Subject line of the word Quote"

Can you advise?


Charles Sweeney
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Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: FormToEmail script

> Does your script allow for blocking a specific part of a form? Or allow
> for only a specific part? ie. Only allow Subject line of the word Quote?
> Thanks.

> On Jan 7, 2010, at 9:40 AM, wrote:
>> Hi

>> My pleasure to assist.
>> This is from my website:
>> ***
>> Frequently, contact form spam may consist of gibberish "words" like
>> "YwfZCvLdDQYDTzGAH" or "MldMtrPAgZq" for example. The gibberish check
>> identifies such "words", blocks them and issues an error. If an error is
>> issued, the script will not send the email. It looks for a series of
>> consecutive consonants or consecutive vowels. These "words" very often
>> have a long series of consecutive consonants or consecutive vowels that
>> you would not find in a normal word. You can set a threshold which will
>> allow consecutive vowels or consecutive consonants up to the threshold
>> limit. This check only works for English alphabet vowels and consonants.
>> ***
>> This is from the instructions in the Pro version of the script:
>> ***
>> Gibberish threshold. The gibberish threshold is used in conjunction
>> with the gibberish check above. It defines a threshold for the number
>> of consecutive consonants or consecutive vowels you will allow in
>> submitted words. The default setting is $gibberish_threshold = 6; This
>> means that if any 6 (or more) consecutive vowels or any 6 (or more)
>> consecutive consonants are present in a word, then it will be blocked.
>> Change the value to suit. 6 appears to be a good setting as there are
>> not many English words that have six or more consecutive vowels or
>> consonants. This setting has no effect if the gibberish check is
>> disabled above.
>> ***
>> I made the gibberish filter in response to customer requests. They were
>> getting spam containing "YwfZCvLdDQYDTzGAH" and the like (that is a real
>> example from an email I got). I was getting the same. The filter just
>> about blocks all of it, but there is no way you can say you will always
>> block could you?? Without looking every word up in a
>> dictionary!!
>> There is also a gobbledegook filter in the script. You get a lot of
>> spam containing "exotic" characters. The gobbledegook filter catches
>> it. More info here:
>> There are a number of other features in the script to block spam. By
>> default it blocks "http://" which in itself will block just about most
>> spam. (If you expect your visitors to enter URLs you can disable the
>> check for "http://".)
>> I am pretty-much writing out the information on my website here. Have a
>> look through the website, and the support section or better still, buy
>> the script! See customer feedback, here:
>> Any questions, just let me know.
>> Best wishes.
>> Charles Sweeney
>> The world's easiest feedback script!
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>> Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 11:11 AM
>> Subject: Re: FormToEmail script
>>> Thanks for the info. What sort of words does the lowest gibberish
>>> filter block? Ours will be going into this form
>>> (http:// ). Would you be able to send me a link to
>>> a page that has the gibberish filter set to the lowest? I'd like to
>>> check it out a little more. Thanks so much for your help.